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The sky is always there for me, while my life has been going through many, many changes. When I look up the sky, it gives me a nice feeling, like looking at an old friend.

Yoko Ono

The inspiration for Skyscape came from my love of a moody sky. A dark sky, broken by delicate wisps of ethereal cloud. Often the quiet beauty of a darkening sky is enough to make us pause, to breathe and connect with ozone.

Quiet. Calm. Dramatic. Magical.

There is also colour after the storm, tendrils or slivers working their way amongst the grey.

The skies offer a canvas. Each moment a story, the soft lilting greys are a harbour. Deepening scarlet a warning. The shining golds a beacon. Each one is fleeting and changeable. A moment so beautiful it is hard to capture.

Skyscape & Feather & Wild

I fell in love with Feather & Wild on Instagram. The soft muted tones and gentle nature of Victoria’s painting speaks to a quiet and introverted soul. I knew she understood how the loud and insistent parts of every day life were often overwhelming. Here was a mother, like I, who took solace from quiet yet dramatic places to restore the inner balance. (Take a look her Instagram feed you’ll soon see!) Feather & Wild is a kindred spirit.

A painting by Victoria – Feather & Wild

We have been chatting since early 2019 and Victoria has shown great patience and kindness with my slow and immersive pace. Victoria has never rushed or insisted. She has been happy to mirror my pace and quiet ways. I am honoured to bring together a collection inspired by Victoria and her work.

The Feather & Wild part of Skyscape

The warp is hand painted somewhere between charcoal and ink. This sub set collection from Skyscape reflects the Nordic melancholy and the grey blue nostalgia of Feather & Wild.

There are two warps in this collection. The first is a long staple Supima Cotton and the second a Rose & Mulberry Silk. Both warps can be mixed with a range of natural and luxury weft fibres. This enables the client to find the perfect combination to suit.

Where to get them?

The Skyscape collection will be available online on the Feather & Hay website very soon! Did you know you can commission your own piece from this warp? Choose a fibre and weft colour to make a beautifully bespoke scarf, shawl or piece of fabric for your own crafting.

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