Welcome to Feather & Hay textiles! I am Georgina, a weaver, a wanderer and Wild Scotland Devotee…

I work as an artisan – creating small runs of each design on a floor loom in my studio in the North East of Scotland. The textiles are made with British, Irish, and local Scottish yarns & fibres, I choose traditional mills that are open about their sourcing and manufacturing.

It has been important to work with natural materials woven into traditional patterns. Using materials such as wool, hemp and linen creates beautiful, heirloom fabrics. This way I know the pieces I make are of a high quality and are from sustainable sources that are better for people and the planet.

The story behind my textiles

I love fabrics with a story.

It could be a vintage accessory, an artisan made dress or a piece lovingly stitched or mended to lengthen its time with us.

I have always wanted to create fabrics that mean something, that feel good to wear, to snuggle up with a good book or wrap up in to wander out into the wild. I want to offer pieces that bring back memories or conjure parts of wild places that resonate with us. Feather & Hay textiles are not just woven fabric, they are stories told thread by thread.

Traditional & simply beautiful

I build on traditional patterns, keeping the root of the pieces simple, using twills, plain weave and plaid patterns. I love the history and quality of these patterns, they are the structure I work from to tell each story.

Simple stitching, hand spinning & hand felting

I add hand spun yarns thread throughout the pieces. Creating hand blended and hand spun yarns allows subtle colour combinations. The inlays build up texture and reflect the depth of the landscape that inspires my work. I stick to simple stitches and hand felting, using line, shape and space to tell the story of each piece. The narrative of the design begins from much planning and sketch work from my time outdoors but the true nature of each piece unfolds as I work on the loom.

Scotland’s Landscape

What better long lasting (age old) inspiration than Scotland’s wild and rugged landscapes? To be drawn to the wild magic of misty plateaus, mountains, forests and wild rivers. Scotland is filled with old stories, folk tales that thread the landscape into story telling. I live close to the Angus Glens, on the eastern edge of the Cairngorm national Park and this is at the heart of my work but all of Scotland influences the artistry behind the pieces.

The pieces are an interpretation of time spent out in the landscape. It is the drama: the skies and high places where sweeping glens and steep crags can be seen. And then the details that come from being immersed in a place: lichens, grasses and bark colours.  

Gaelic Words

You will notice Scottish Gaelic words in many of the pieces. If you take the time to understand the meaning behind the words you’ll notice that often one word can have a deep meaning and reflects the mood and nuance of it’s definition. I love that about the Gaelic language!

Finally I want you to find a story that resonates. Let me remind you of rain filled skies, a snow capped mountain, dark rich pine forests or the feeling of old folk tales being shared around a rich and vibrant fire. These pieces should make you feel connected to Scotland even when you can’t be here.