Baby Wrap Testing with Feather & Hay

 Become a Baby Wrap TesterOpportunities to test baby wraps in a selection of weaves, sizes and fibres for a 3 week period, giving feedback about the experience

Baby Wrap Tester Requirements 

There are 4 requirements that can all be done in one step so shouldn’t take long – if you need some guidance get in touch. 



This will enable you to be kept up to date with tester information and the newsletter sign up process enables you to complete the next three steps in one place! You can unsubscribe from this list at anytime. Join now


To test baby wraps positive feedback is required. Often wearers can collect feedback via Facebook Feedback specific groups such as The HE Babywearing Feedback Collaborative or obtain a positive feedback reference from a local Sling Library leader. 


When signing up to the mailing list you will be asked to fill in your Postal Address. If you need to go back & update this information it can be easily done by going back to the sign up link; add in the email you signed up with and update there. 


There are two ways to agree to the ‘Ways of Sending & Receiving Baby Wraps’ document. When signing up to the mailing list you can tick agreed after reading the document OR comment agreed on the pinned post in the Facebook Tester & Chat group


 If you have completed all of the above…


(Yay! Let’s jump for joy)

…you are ready to receive a F&H hand woven baby wrap. 

Join the Facebook Tester & Chat Group and/or add to your email contacts so you won’t miss any call for testers emails!