Textile Art Kit

Choose Fabric

Take a piece of fabric and check the size and direction you would like to place it behind the cut out. 


Trim the piece to fit the cut out shape. This is a good time to consider embroidery or embellishments. Check there are no gaps by placing the cut out over the top before securing.


Secure your finished fabric, with the double sided sticky tape, onto the backing card. Make a rectangle with the sticky tape. Stick the top and bottom of the fabric first, creating tension and then secure the sides. 


Place the cut out over the top to check everything is in place, adjust if needed.

Add Cut Out

Add double sided sticky tape along each edge of the backing piece, making a rectangle again. secure the cut out over the top.

You can finish the edges with a clear tape or a fun washi tape by folding it over each side. 

Finished Textile Art