The Berry Story Plaids – the protection and power of red

The power of red

It isn’t a surprise, when you see red berries clinging to dark branches, that there is much folklore linked to them. At this time of year (Autumn) they draw the eye as the abundance of summer recedes. The colour is striking – whether it be a warning or a talisman. In Scotland you will spot bright red berries on Rowan trees. They offer protection especially when grown near homes. Then spot the deeper burgundy-blue red berries on the Elder tree that has a protective female power associated with it. Both trees demand respect but are benevolent in their power. Watch out for Instagram & Facebook to find out more about the folklore inspiration behind these pieces.

Making the Berry Story Plaid Shawls

Although this set of Story Plaids is a combination of vibrant reds the colours still blend and compliment each other. I am not easily persuaded to work with very loud colours but I feel I have done them justice in a balance of power and warmth. Just as these powerful, magical trees offer a balance between demanding respect and offering protection as do the Berry Story Plaids.


As with every Story Plaid I hand weave the Berry Story Plaids each have a unique embellishment. The design is a blending of needle felting, stitching and hand spun inlayed yarns whilst the piece is still on the loom. The first piece has four different berries added sporadically along the shawl. The next three shawls to be woven will have similar embellishment.

This set of Story Plaids will be available on the website in the coming weeks. Join the mailing list here to hear first.

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  1. The special story behind the fall berries makes me love them all the more. Beautifully represented fall in your woven textiles❤️

    1. Thank you Brenda! I really appreciate your thoughts ❤️🍂

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