The final photos – Gretchen’s Story Plaid

In a world where fast fashion dominates our experience with textiles. It is a huge privilege to be given the opportunity to make a garment slowly and with artistry and care. I love hand weaving but the reason why I create hand woven textiles is to offer designs that are timeless. Fabrics that have a story and meaning, the story plaids are more than a fashion ‘statement’ that lasts only weeks. They are a reflection of our depth as humans. Moments in time, hopes for the future and little nuances that set us apart.

Here are the photos of Gretchen’s Story Plaid

If you have arrived at this point – to see the final photos – I expect you have followed the journey from last Autumn. If you’ve found yourself here without having seen how we came to make this story plaid it might be worth popping back to see the earlier blog posts. Gretchen lives in France with her family. The design was based around her favourite moments in Burgundy during the winter, motherhood and a favourite fairy tale. It was a delight to design from these three strands of such love and joy. A story plaid need not be at the end of a journey – it can commemorate favourite moments. Perhaps I will even add to Gretchen’s story plaid as the seasons of her life turn and change.

The Final Photos – Enjoy!

The beautiful Snow White story by illustrated Angela Barrett, where the mother sits stitching pearls onto fabric thinking of unborn children. The story plaid mirrored this with small pearls stitched into the design.

Gretchen recreated the image with the story plaid

Gretchen not only loved the subtle colours and gentle plaid pattern she explained that the small story nuances really impacted how she felt about the shawl as she wore it. To be able to wear a garment repeatedly, two things must happen. It must be made to a high standard with beautiful materials and it must provide meaning that reflects our own true stories.

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