The Making of the Forests Story Plaids

Some of the oldest wild history comes from the forests and woodlands of Scotland. Birch trees, Scots Pine trees, Juniper & Holly date back to as early as 7000BC. In those times forests were more abundant than human populations. There are tales of early Druids lighting Scots Pine bonfires at the Winter Solstice, to celebrate the passing of the seasons and drawing the sun back to warm the earth. Glades of Scots Pines would be decorated with shiny objects to represent a divine light. Holly, pre-Victorian times was seen as the ‘Christmas’ tree with its leaves and berries reflecting light and providing evergreen colour.

Forests today

Although the Scots Pine and other trees of the forest are not as prolific as in earlier times. The zig-zag tops of pine trees clinging to mist covered hill and mountain sides is synonymous with Scotland’s wild landscape. Winter is a good time to celebrate the evergreen, when the bare bones of the land is jutting and sharp and the colours soften and become muted. Forests are mysterious and dark, full of magic and hold unique, older than time stories.

The Story Plaid Design

The Forest Story Plaids are a celebration of evergreen. The rich, unwavering green that stands out against the sharp line of granite plateaus. The distinctive pointing tree tops decorating hills and valleys. The inspiration begins at a distance, where mist floats ethereally above a deep, dark forest. The plaid design is a criss cross of deep greens, mixed with a vibrant earth green with notes of a forest floor’s abundance: rust, browns and lighter soft green. Finally charcoal brings the dark core of the forest into the design.

The embellishments are a motif. Each shawl has its own unique motif using British Shetland wool fibres I have felted and stitched a pattern that will follow the contours of the body when worn.

The motif shares a story of earlier times. Of swirling mist, pine cones, bark patterns and a nod towards those that would have lived alongside the Caledonian Forest in a time before technology and fast paced living. Symbology is found everywhere in Scotland – in its folklore and early people (such as the Picts): each motif brings nuances of this to the design.

When will the Forest Story Plaids be available to buy?

There is currently one Story Plaid from this set available. Giúthsach Story Plaid – the Pine Forest is on the website now. I am taking it slower, having a break in-between each shawl. There should be shawls 1 (Giúthsach) and 2 ready before Christmas and shawls 3 and 4 ready in early 2023. Remember if you’d like to book a shawl you can do this with a £100 deposit. I am aware customers have missed out when designs sell quickly with only a few woven each time! If this particular design is your colour – don’t miss out.