What are Feather & Hay baby wraps like?

The very nature of hand weaving creates unique and adaptable fabrics. It is a perfect fit for baby wraps: being able to adjust length, width, colour, pattern AND carrying qualities to suit individuals.

Feather & Hay mostly works in collections, meaning baby wraps become available via the website or semi-custom slots based on customers picking options on a current warp. Look here if you’d like to see what I am weaving currently. Custom slots are very limited I aim to make up to 4 available a year. They’re obtained via messaging F&H.

Here are a few of the more common details you might not know yet about Feather & Hay baby wraps…

  • Most wraps before 2019 will have a width of approximately 70 to 72cm, now they tend to be a few cm wider.
  • The weave patterns are commonly twills and crackles with some overshot and network patterns (see some examples here)
  • Feather & Hay offers customised lengths – I try to weave over the request but it can be narrowed down to the nearest 10cm.
  • A lot of the wraps have a straight fringe or twisted tassels – finished with either a sewing machine zigzag or hemmed on the loom. (see some examples here)
  • The wraps are often medium weight, closely woven (I’m a firm beater!!) and usually finer in nature. 
  • All the wraps have names and usually a story based in nature or the wild. I love to use old Scot or English words and often mix them together to create something new. 

Why pick a Feather & Hay hand woven baby wrap?

If you like wraps that feel light to medium weight in hand but with a solid feel because of the firm beat my wraps may well be the ones for you. The combination of fibre, weave, beat etc. can make wraps vastly different: although I can give you an overview of how the wraps usually are each wrap will have its own unique properties.

Choosing a custom made baby wraps opens up a world of possibility because through discussion and planning a wrap can be made with more stretch, more ‘cush’, slide and so on.

Feather & Hay creates fabric with a story, linked to the wild beauty of our British landscapes and life. Each wrap has a journey that begins here at the Feather & Hay loom and continues with those that use them.

Every baby wrap is made in Scotland with high quality, natural resources using traditional weaving methods. Fibres are selected from UK suppliers, sourcing locally where possible.

I believe in weaving a story through thread, painting the colours into life – your baby wrap is more than fabric. It is a measured and considered textile made in small runs to provide unique and beautiful baby wraps to any that carry their children close.

Want to try a hand woven baby wrap?

Did you know Feather & Hay has a dedicated list of baby wearers that holiday certain wraps through the year?