Fringe or Hem? Ways to Finish a Hand Woven Textile

Different Ways to Finish a Hand Woven Textile

There are a range of ways  the end threads of a hand woven textile can be ‘finished’. If commissioning a piece the client can choose how to complete their own piece. 

Here are some options:


the warp threads are grouped and then hand twisted using a small device. 


Hem Stitched

(on the loom)

the warp threads are grouped together with a stitching technique whilst the piece is still on the loom. 

Knotted Fringe

the fringe is hand tied in groups of warp threads secured with a simple knot. 

Zigzag Stitched

the ends are finished with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine. This is often a good choice for those that like a simple straight fringe or are purchasing fabric by the metre. 



the ends are zigzag stitched then turned twice and straight stitched twice to secure (using a sewing machine).