Welcome! There’s a new collection…

Hello! Whether you’re a newbie or followed Feather & Hay for a while – welcome, I have lots to share with you.

Feather & Hay has been changing a little over the last few months. There’s been a slight shift in the way I produce F&H’s hand woven textiles. Previously my work has been led by custom projects. It’s exciting to work with clients, bringing together ideas & inspiration until a unique baby wrap, shawl, scarf or fabric is created. I have learnt a huge amount: sampling many different patterns, fibre mixes and colours.

Having spent the last few years exploring it is now time to bring you Feather & Hay’s collection. This enables me to provide a consistent range for my customers. In the past frustrated customers have asked?

“Do you have one like that in green? Or a little wider? Or longer? Or another with a twisted fringe?

The New Collection

Each time the answer has been an apology, no I didn’t have that. When a customer returned to buy another F&H scarf because their mum or friend loved it, I had already moved on to a new design.

Now I can help customers choose a really special textile..

The new collection is still original. You’ll recognise a simple elegance and rustic chic within the collection, but each piece has its own unique twist. There will be blocks of colour or hand blended and spun inlays. I work intuitively once weaving, adding embellishments as each piece unfolds.

From the new collection

It is now easier to find a timeless Feather & Hay product. You can choose a beautiful and unique design with options to change elements (see semi-custom below), providing a textile to love through the years. An heirloom piece. The VIP group is all about helping you know more about the choices. Joining the mailing list to find out more. I am committed to helping customers make informed choices rather than impulse buys.

Does this mean no more customs?

Don’t panic, I will still offer opportunities to design fabrics, such as baby wraps, from scratch. VIPs will get first access, but I will also share available times via Facebook. There will be more opportunities to choose semi-custom options around the current collection (more on that soon!). This is where you can pick different lengths, weft colours and finishes such as twisted tassels.

What do you think?

I am excited to finally be able to offer more choice outside of custom projects to my followers. Take a look at the collection, do you like F&H’s style? I’d love to know you thoughts below.

2 thoughts on “Welcome! There’s a new collection…

  1. The designs above look absolutely lovely.
    I need to buy one of your lovely wraps for my friend Lesley. Covid put a stop to a visit to see you. Lesley loves blues and reds.
    I will look on your website
    Kind regards

    1. Hello Anita! Lovely to hear from you. I’m glad you like the new collection. Yes, Covid has stopped so many things unfortunately. I will be weaving some new pieces this month, although not a red yet, I’m sure there will be 🙂

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