Why doesn’t the 15% off code work on Story Plaid Shawls?

Why Story Plaids?

I came up with the idea of Story Plaid Shawls at the end of 2021. I collaborated with Gretchen over on Instagram to create a shawl that would weave together all the aspects of her life. Her delight of the outdoors with the love she has for her family, marrying it with a ‘skein’ of folklore too. We enjoyed working on this artistic idea so much that I decided to pursue the idea of adding stories onto the textiles I make. I always weave with the landscape in mind. It inspires me and I make the pieces to remind me of the places I have been but to also be worn in the places they inspired!

I make the designs in very small runs. I only ever make 3-5 shawls in one go. Whilst they are on the loom I add embellishments that illustrate the story they are inspired by. It could be a folklore story or plant/land lore that has been passed down through written and oral storytelling. Not only does the plaid pattern bring Scottish history to each shawl but every single piece is a piece of art. No two shawls will ever be the same.

So what about that 15% off code?

Although I make the pieces to be worn and loved repeatedly they are art pieces. They are textiles that take longer than my usual scarves and shawls to make. I understand they are an investment and try to keep the cost of each shawl as low as possible. If you have ever Googled the ‘mark up’ of products in your run of the mill business you’ll notice it is often at least 30-50% on top of the cost to make. I do not add that type of mark up to my products, particularly with the Story Plaids. It is always a hard balance with business and art! I want the Story Plaid Shawls to be accessible whilst allowing myself to continue making them for you. Therefore I keep the final cost as low as possible and do not offer a discount on these pieces.

I hope this isn’t disappointing! Please feel free to use the 15% off code on any of my other pieces. If you’d like to be considered for a payment plan – I can offer up to 4 installments through Paypal. You pay an initial deposit and then three more payments, this secures the product. Once the final payment is completed I will ship the item out. Read more here.

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